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Michael DeHaven
Last updated at 12:11 pm UTC on 16 January 2006
16 Feb. 2000 I made some changes to my little UI. I incorporated a couple of elements of BobsUI and also modified one of the morphic kernel methods to imbed the UI in a window with a title. Nothing really earth shaking, but a little progress anyway.

The source code for the revised UI is here
and the modified method is here

22 Dec. 1999. Well, I'm yet another newbie to Squeak, also to Smalltalk and, well, programming in general. I did some personal programming in BASIC and 6502 Assembly a few years back (something like 12-15 years) but I haven't done squat with it since. I started learning ANSI C when a friend introduced me to Squeak a couple of months ago and I got hooked. Other than playing around with Squeak, I'm reading Goldberg and Robson's "Smalltalk-80 The Language". A Smalltalk study group is being formed at my company and I'm going to get some formal education in Smalltalk soon.

So far, the extent of my Squeak experience has been to make a small UI for John Maloney's BankAccount tutorial. If you're intereseted, I have it here. Feel free to take a look at it, rip it apart and tell me what I can do to make it better. (Like "Learn Smalltalk, you doofus") After I made the bank account interface, I made the code a little more generic and created a temperature converter also (included in the linked file.) I like this whole OO paradigm.

Well, if you want to send me email, you can reach me here. Or, if you are interested in wasting more time, you can visit my homepage.

That's all for now!