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Inspecting an object
Last updated at 2:48 pm UTC on 10 October 2019
Name: Tools-mt.804
Author: mt
Time: 5 April 2018, 10:29:51.105307 am
UUID: 7490573c-8cd9-0d46-afe3-bea1c791066d
Ancestors: Tools-mt.803

Consistently return the domain object in question for any inspect/explore/browse call to it.

Background: We did change the semantics of #inspect for the Squeak 5.1 release to harmonize #explore. After several ongoing discussions with Chris (cmm), we found a more usefull consent. That is, call ToolSet directly if you want to gain access to the created tool window(s). Call the object directly to get the object back. Now you can sprinkle #inspect, #explore, #browse etc. in your code during exploratory debugging sessions again.

Let's hope this works for everybody. See the deprecated #exploreAndYourself to better understand what is not required anymore.

 Morph new inspectWithLabel: 'Morph new'

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