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BookMorphs for Presentations
Last updated at 10:51 pm UTC on 11 January 2022
For several versions of Squeak, the way to do presentations was and still is via BookMorphs. BookMorphs allow you to embed just about any morph on any page (including active ones), and they can be manipulated like PowerPoint slides.

There is a slide sorter. It is accessible through the main menu, entry 'sort pages'.

Some presentation programs export slides as a series of picture files.

To load them into a BookMorph the menu entry
'Load PPT images from slide #1'


aBookMorph loadImagesIntoBook.

How to get a reference to a BookMorph on the desktop

Consider the extent of the BookMorph:
For presentations you need the UserInterfaceTheme Demo + Squeak.

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