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Last updated at 4:55 pm UTC on 21 October 2006
Email: mailto:ward@c2.com

Webpage: http://c2.com/ | http://c2.com/~ward/

voice 503-245-5633
fax 503-246-5587

Ward Cunningham has been programming and promoting Smalltalk since 1980. His biggest regret is that he didn't start sooner. His finest hour was at the recent Squeak BOF: see TripReports


It sounds as if Ward was "in his element" at the Squeak BOF. But to say the BOF is his finest hour seems to me to be the same as saying a ruby is a finer gem than an emerald.

I encourage all Squeakers to take a long look around the other pages hosted here. They are http://c2.com and http://c2.com/ppr There are many gems from many of Ward's finest hours on these pages. I'm looking forward to more.