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Last updated at 3:12 pm UTC on 14 January 2006
On these pages in my first Wiki database, I reflect on its structure and origin:

Want to browse the 1,600 pages that have accumulated since Wiki's launch in 1994? Start here:

The Squeak pages are served by my third Wiki implementation. I agressivly simplified this version to enable as yet unforseen innovation. – WardCunningham

See also: WikiMoreThanWebsite


Q: My main reaction is to wonder "Should I always go to Wiki first for Squeak?" What kinds of contributions should be On Wiki, and which should be linked From Wiki. Some Wiki pages seem to duplicate extant sites, yet some context is needed on Wiki without having to jump between c2.com and other hosts. – WardCunningham

A: One must wrap enough "abstract" around a pointer for keyword search to work. I hope Wiki becomes the place to register other sites, once they are announced on the email list. I'm also happy to give voice to those trapped behind firewalls.

Q: Here is a problem: What if some one wants to destroy all the work done? This seems unlikely, but since the net is sometimes nasty, it may be a good idea to either keep extensive backups or to restrict editing. If you need help for backing up existing pages, let me know. – Andreas Raab

A: Total openness is part of Wiki nature. But, I would be happy if you and others would regularly save private copies of the database for me. An on-demand downloading zip file resides at http://c2.com/cgi/squeak.zip. It includes a log of recent backups which might suggest a useful backup frequency.