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Analysis: What happens if a project.pr file is dropped onto the desktop?
Last updated at 9:31 pm UTC on 23 January 2019
 Project current world 
gives back a PasteUpMorph object.

A method of this object is called when a pr file is dropped onto the Squeak desktop.

Dropping a file onto the desktop.png

The diagram above was made with the following code for the diagram pasted into the input box of this
on-line service: https://sequencediagram.org/
     title Dropping a file onto the desktop
     aPasteUpMorph->aPasteUpMorph: handleEvent:anEvent
     aPasteUpMorph->aPasteUpMorph: handleDropFiles: anEvent
     aPasteUpMorph->aPasteUpMorph: dropFiles: anEvent
     aPasteUpMorph->aPasteUpMorph:handleDroppedItem: anItem event: anEvent
     aPasteUpMorph->ExternalDropHandler: lookupExternalDropHandler: anItem
     ExternalDropHandler->ExternalDropHandler:lookupServiceBasedHandler: dropStream
     ExternalDropHandler->FileServices:itemsForFile: fileName
     ExternalDropHandler->SimpleServiceEntry:performServiceFor: stream