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SqueakEnd '00
Last updated at 12:24 pm UTC on 16 January 2006
The "SqueakEnd '00" Symposium took place in Santa Barbara, CA in March of 2000. There were 26 participants and much was accomplished, both on a technical level, and in terms of community-building.

There are a number of results from the SqueakEnd:

The original announcement
SqueakEnd '00 Announcement

The list of participants with their web links and references (Participants: please read and edit)
Squeakers at Squeakend 00

John McIntosh's in-depth report on the symposium
Trip Reports (2004 and earlier)

The conceptual map/outline we developed (available in several formats)
SqueakEnd '00

Thanks to all who took part for making this such a special event, and to the CREATE staff (Florian, Alex, Pierre, and Tyler) for making it run so smoothly – STP


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