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SqueakEnd '00 Conceptual Map
Last updated at 12:41 pm UTC on 16 January 2006
During the sessions of SqueakEnd '00, I attempted to capture the discussion in a format that would help us manage the number and diversity of the topics we touched on. I used the "Inspiration" software "idea processor" to capture an outline of the topics, and hoped it would enable me to turn this into a graph and edit the relationships between the topics.

Well, the package's graph layout algorithms are quite weak, so after a full day of working on the graph format, I've given up on Inspiration. (If I had put that full day into my squeak network editing code, I could do it using my own tools – but the shoe-maker's children always go barefoot).

As a result, I'm posting a raw ASCII version of the outline, and HTML intended list version, and the source files in Inspiration, MORE fomats. I can also print it, but not save it as a PDF file (the text labels get transposed, making it useless).

Here are the files:

ASCII Outline SqueakEnd '00 Conceptual Map

HTML Outline SqueakEndMap.html (Edit this one)
(why does this show up double-spaced?
I just wrapped the body in <html> ... </html> tags to let the swiki know to leave it alone - otherwise it monkeys with the format. – Dwight)

Inspiration 6.0 format file Missing File (/squeak/uploads/SqueakEndMap2.ins)

MORE 3.0 format file Missing File (/squeak/uploads/SqueakEndMap.more)

JPEG picture of the cluster layout (as a joke)

Missing File (/squeak/uploads/SqueakEndMap11.jpg)

Comments are invited – stp@create.ucsb.edu