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SqueakEnd 2000 Participants and References
Last updated at 11:57 am UTC on 2 September 2019

SqueakEnd meeting in 2000

Participants (Alphabetical order)

Please feel free to add updated links and references to the listing, and to add / update / remove your email address if you prefer not to have it listed here.

Tyler Beckert – CREATE – tyler "at" create.ucsb.edu

Jim Benson – jb "at" speed.net

Vassili Bykov – ObjPeople – vassili "at" objectpeople.com

David Caster – TFEI – david_caster "at" 4thEstate.com

Serge Fenev – KMHitech – sfenev "at" smartt.com

Gem Demagajes – smalltalker "at" programmer.net

Carsten Haerle – Frankfurt – Carsten.Haerle "at" parox.com

Florian Hammer – CREATE – florian "at" create.ucsb.edu

Dan Ingalls – WDI – dan.ingalls "at" disney.com

Paul Kmiec – UCSB – kmiec "at" expertcity.com

Alex Kouznetsov – CREATE – alex "at" create.ucsb.edu

Craig Latta – craig.latta "at" netjam.org

John-Reed Maffeo – Motorola – rlpa80 "at" email.sps.mot.com obsolete use john-reed.maffeo@ey-as.com obsolete jrmaffeo@gmail.com
John Maloney – WDI – john.maloney "at" disney.com

John McIntosh – johnmci "at" smalltalkconsulting.com

Douglas McPherson – djm "at" san.rr.com

Nick Melnikov – KMHitech – kmhitech "at" home.com

Gale Pedowitz – gep "at" ungeek.com

Alex Pidgorny – KMHitech – kmhitech "at" home.com

Stephen Pope – CREATE – stp "at" create.ucsb.edu

Tim Rowledge – tim "at" rowledge.org

Pierre Roy – CREATE – pierre "at" create.ucsb.edu

Laurence Rozier – laurence "at" wetalknetwork.com

John Sarkela – 4thEstate – john_sarkela "at" 4thEstate.com

Mark Schwenk – mas "at" wellthot.com

Robert Withers – withers "at" vnet.net