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HelpBrowser openOn: SWikiHelp.
Last updated at 4:09 am UTC on 2 July 2018
 HelpBrowser openOn: SWikiHelp.

opens a help browser with the subtopics of the first page of this wiki in it.


The call
 HelpBrowser openOn: SWikiHelp.

leads to

 HelpBrowser new rootTopic: SWikiHelp; open.


Data context interaction help

To get information within Squeak about Data-Context-Interaction execute the following in a workspace.

 HelpBrowser openOn: DataContextInteractionHelp.

This does not work unless you you what is described this page : DataContextInteractionHelp
It is about adding two short code snippets to set it up in a Squeak 5.2 image.

Adaption: Create a MorphicForBeginnersHelp

(does not work yet,...)

 rootTopic := MorphicForBeginnersHelp asHelpTopic.

 hb := HelpBrowser new.
 hb toplevelTopics: ((rootTopic ifNil: [#()] ifNotNil: #subtopics) , {hb searchTopic}).
 hb changed: #windowTitle.
 hb open.
 hb inspect