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How to import a Powerpoint presentation exported as GIF files
Last updated at 12:44 pm UTC on 16 January 2006
Actually Squeak is nowadays (version 3.7) quite a capable system do
do presentations within Squeak.

However if you are doing presentations in Powerpoint and want to have them available in Squeak as well the following way might be useful.
As the post below is from 1999 it might be necessary to
adapt the code.

For the first time, I'm (Mark Guzdial) doing all of my lecture slides as both PowerPoint and BookMorphs. I'll make a better announcement about this when there are more up there, but the first set (for chapter 1 of my Squeak textbook) are now up at http://coweb.cc.gatech.edu/cs2340/7 There's a page there on how to open and read the zipped bookmorphs. In the first chapter, I only have one active page, but I hope to add more as I build more lecture sets.

I'm attaching below the message describing how to convert PowerPoint slides to BookMorphs. You don't have to load in the change set – these features got built-in to the latest Squeaks (thanks, Dan and Ted!!). I'm learning a few more things about PowerPoint -> BookMorph as I do these.

Date: Thu, 23 Sep 1999 15:56:56 -0400
To: squeak@cs.uiuc.edu, squeakers@cc.gatech.edu
From: Mark Guzdial
Subject: [ENH] Converting PowerPoint to BookMorphs
X-Mailing-List: archive/latest/10965

I've placed a change set at
http://guzdial.cc.gatech.edu/squeakers/PPTtoBook.cs that provides two new
menu items to BookMorphs which allow you to load PowerPoint presentations
into a BookMorph, one slide per page.

Here's how to do it:

That's it – all the images will get loaded into your book. I've tried
things like charts and clip art, and it seems that PowerPoint merges all of
these when it creates the GIFs.

However, you sometimes don't get the result that you might like.
PowerPoint saves out transparent colors where it expects the background
color to show through. If your page color is still the default white, your
slides won't look right. So, I also added a BookMorph menu item "set pages
background color". Choose that, pick your color, and all the pages will
get their color set appropriately.

All the standard book features (e.g., sorting) seem to work with this
tweak. I have successfully tested saving out the books as books, then
loading them back in.

Only caveat I've found is that this can eat up LOADS of memory, so beware
of memory limitations.

Mark Guzdial