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NuScratch installation in a Squeak 5.x systems in general
Last updated at 10:31 pm UTC on 6 July 2018
NuScratch is not limited to be run on the Raspberry Pi. Any regular Squeak 5.x system may run NuScratch thus making it available on many platforms.

  1. Download http://download.scratch.mit.edu/source-code/ScratchSkin1.4.zip The zip archive contains a folder called 'ScratchSkin'.
  2. Put this folder 'ScratchSkin' into the folder where your .image file is. The folder 'ScratchSkin' is needed when initialising the Scratch system.
  3. Choose SqueakMap (in menu 'apps') and click on the 'update' button it.
  4. Right click in the pane where it says 'Squeak-versions' and uncheck 'New safely available packages'. After you have done that the pane above is filled with entries.
  5. Click into the search field and search for 'NuScratch'.
  6. Select NuScratch version 381 (as of this date - 12 june 2018). Then click the 'install' button.
  7. You will see a number of complaints about Interpreter proxy being Undeclared; don't worry about it.
  8. Once loaded the Scratch application should appear in the Apps menu in the Dock/Menubar.
  9. If you want to quit Scratch without quitting the entire image, remember to close it with the Morphic halo 'X' rather than using the File->Quit menu within the Scratch window - that is connected to the system quit primitive!