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Last updated at 4:15 am UTC on 2 July 2018
To get help information in Squeak on Data-Context-Interaction create the following subclass in Squeak 5.2a (downloaded from http://files.squeak.org/trunk/)

 SWikiHelp subclass: #DataContextInteractionHelp
 	instanceVariableNames: ''
 	classVariableNames: ''
 	poolDictionaries: ''
 	category: 'Help-Squeak-SWiki'

Then add as class method


	^ HtmlHelpTopic new
		url: 'http://wiki.squeak.org/squeak/1221';
		selectBlock: [:url | ((url beginsWith: '/squeak/') and: [(url includes: $.) not ".edit, .history, ..."]) and: [url last isDigit]];
		convertBlock: [:url | 'http://wiki.squeak.org', url];

Then execute

 HelpBrowser openOn: DataContextInteractionHelp.