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What does SmartRefStream write out / Help for debugging
Last updated at 6:53 am UTC on 2 July 2018
The SmartRefStream deals with

Class comment of method

 nextPut: anObject
	"Really write three objects: (version, class structure, object).  But only when called from the outside.  If any instance-specific classes are present, 
        prepend their source code.  byteStream will be in fileOut format.
	You can see an analysis of which objects are written out by doing: 
	(SmartRefStream statsOfSubObjects: anObject)
	(SmartRefStream tallyOfSubObjects: anObject)
	(SmartRefStream subObjects: anObject ofClass: aClass)"
 | info |
 topCall == nil 
 		[topCall := anObject.
 		'Please wait while objects are counted' 
 			displayProgressFrom: 0 to: 10
 			during: [:bar | info := self instVarInfo: anObject].
 		self appendClassDefns.	"For instance-specific classes"
 		'Writing an object file'
 			displayProgressFrom: 0 to: objCount4	"estimate"
 			during: [:bar |
 				objCount := 0.
 				progressBar := bar.
 				self setStream: byteStream reading: false.
 					"set basePos, but keep any class renames"
 				super nextPut: ReferenceStream versionCode.
 				super nextPut: info.
 				super nextPut: anObject.		"- the real writing"
 				classInstVars size >0 ifTrue: [super nextPut: classInstVars]].
 					"Note: the terminator, $!, is not doubled inside object data"
 		"references is an IDict of every object that got written"
 		byteStream ascii.
 		byteStream nextPutAll: '!'; cr; cr.
 		byteStream padToEndWith: $ .	"really want to truncate file, but can't"
 		topCall := progressBar := nil]	"reset it"
 		[super nextPut: anObject.
 		progressBar ifNotNil: [progressBar value: (objCount := objCount + 1)]].
 		"return the argument - added by kwl"
 	^ anObject