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Gerardo Richarte
Last updated at 11:52 pm UTC on 15 May 2006
gera@core-sdi.com (@work)

Gerardo "gera" Richarte (long ago known as Richie++, or r++) can read email a soon as you post it,
He is (was?) part of the MathMorphs project, he coautored MorphicWrappers with Luciano Notarfrancesco, latter joined by a big lot of people who colaborated lots of cool stuff. He's current personal page is at work (http://community.corest.com/~gera) however the HardDrive crashed and nobody cared to upload the BackUp yet, so some parts are really messed up.
He's been out of Squeak from 2001, now he's probably comming back, at least for SqueakNOS.
He just got a page at SqueakPeople and is dreeming of releasing a few things on SqueakNOS.
The MathMorphs swiki died (probably with swiki.net?) so he lost a stupid webpage he made, but he saw a backup in http://webarchive.org.
e's no longer a member of SUGAR (Smalltalk User Group ARgentina), actually he believes SUGAR does not exist anymore due to internal fights and group splits, and whatnot.

He's currently squeaking on (the list is infinite):