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Porting the Siren primitives to Windows NT/2000
Last updated at 12:53 pm UTC on 10 November 2015

Porting the Siren primitives to Windows NT/2000

January 2006

Two main ways:

1. Use the available OS facilities.

These include DirectX Audio. See

2. Help to port MidiShare to Windows NT/2000 and then use that as the basis for the Squeak primitives.

Dominique Fober a few weeks ago issued a "Call for contributions" for a "MidiShare Windows 2000 project." The text of the call is below. Maybe such a port could also use DirectX Audio. A port of MidiShare for Linux is already available.

For further information about MidiShare see http://www.grame.fr/MidiShare/MainFrames.html

3. ("Three! Three main ways – but who'd expect the Spanish Inquisition...") Bring the hack described at http://www.create.ucsb.edu/pipermail/squeakaudio/2001-January/000145.html up to date. That was written for Squeak 2.9, and might need some brushing up for a 3.2 or 3.3 series VM.

MidiShare Windows 2000 project

Call for contributions

Recently, the MidiShare musical operating system has been improved with a new architecture which provides a better support for drivers and kernel extensions. It has also been ported on GNU/Linux.

But unfortunately, up to now, the Windows version of MidiShare didn't took advantage of these improvements. Moreover, current Windows versions of MidiShare don't support Windows 2000.

Due to several requests, we are considering the port of the current MidiShare source code to the recent Windows systems (ME, 2000 and NT).

Taking account that Grame's Research Lab can't support the project alone, we are actually gathering the possible ressources to conclude it, that's why we are calling for contributions from all the people interested in the project. This includes fundings but also Windows programming skills.

Therefore, we are seeking for experts in the development of Windows device drivers, ready to devote part of their time to the project.

If you are interested, send a mail to fober@grame.fr

Dominique Fober fober@grame.fr
GRAME - Centre National de Creation Musicale -
9 rue du Garet 69001 Lyon France
tel:+33 04 720 737 00 fax:+33 04 720 737 01