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Jupyter Notebooks – a publishing format for reproducible computational workflows
Last updated at 8:43 am UTC on 22 June 2019

Authors: Thomas Kluyver, Benjamin Ragan-Kelley, Fernando Pérez, Brian Granger, Matthias Bussonnier, Jonathan Frederic, Kyle Kelley, Jessica Hamrick, Jason Grout, Sylvain Corlay, Paul Ivanov, Damián Avila, Safia Abdalla, Carol Willing, Jupyter Development Team

Pages: 87 - 90
DOI: 10.3233/978-1-61499-649-1-87
Ebook: Positioning and Power in Academic Publishing: Players, Agents and Agendas


It is increasingly necessary for researchers in all fields to write computer code, and in order to reproduce research results, it is important that this code is published. We present Jupyter notebooks, a document format for publishing code, results and explanations in a form that is both readable and executable. We discuss various tools and use cases for notebook documents.

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