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Last updated at 8:34 pm UTC on 31 May 2018


Wiki is more than just this one interesting Web site.
And, Wiki can have uses other than as internet websites.

Other websites use WikiWikiClones:

Personal Wikis: PWs?

Slogan: Do you use PW on Your PC?

Wikis as models/prototypes for use in one user, end-user systems:

Swiki (SqueakWiki
I'm excited but a little hesitant. How much use will students put such a tool to? Are my poor Mac servers about to be overrun? I'm also intrigued by the interest. I've created several collaboration tools over the last five years, and none has generated this much interest so quickly. There's something intriguing about the openness and simplicity of design of WikiNature. I'll try to report on how it's going during the quarter.

Mark Guzdial

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