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Last updated at 4:57 pm UTC on 23 October 2020


HotDraw is a drawing framework that can be extended to create structured drawing programs with constraints like some CAD software.

Learn more on the HotDraw webpage: http://st-www.cs.uiuc.edu/users/brant/HotDraw/HotDraw.html

It includes pointers to several versions of HotDraw in different Smalltalk-80 dialects. But none of them will filein and work with Squeak. That's why HotDraw is now listed on Wanted: Applications, Tools, Goodies.

It would be helpful if one of the Smalltalk-80 old-timers who know the pedigree of various ST implementations could point out which ones are closest to Squeak.

For a Squeak package that can do much of what HotDraw can, look at Connectors.


Is there a HotDraw port?