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Michael Rueger
Last updated at 1:04 pm UTC on 16 January 2006
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Smalltalker for many years

Started Smalltalk in the early 80s by implementing a VM in Modula-2 (did 0.1% Dorado back then) as part of a student team.
Later worked with ParcPlace Smalltalk, ObjectWorks and VisualWorks.
Encountered Squeak while working on my PhD in Magdeburg, Germany. That's also where I persuaded Andreas Raab to port Squeak to Windows :-)

Since 1999 member of the Squeak Central team. First at Disney Online, then Walt Disney Imagineering and now Viewpoints Research.

While occasionally still working on Squeak core issues the main focus currently is the Squeakland web site and community.

Email: m.rueger@acm.org