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HVSimpleForms method megaform2
Last updated at 3:15 pm UTC on 29 October 2018
Illustrative example how to a builder object 'b' is used in the HttpView2 framework.

HVSimpleForms>>#megaform2 example 

"Add a password."
	pass := b br; br; html: 'Password: '; inputPassword.

	pass2 := b br; html: 'Verify: '; inputPassword.

	(pass value isEmpty and: [pass2 value isEmpty]) 
              ifFalse: [
	                 pass value = pass2 value
	                 ifTrue: [message value: '<b>Verified correctly!</b>'
	      ifFalse: [message value: '<b>Verified incorrectly!</b>']].
	"Add two breaks and a submit button, end the form."
	button := b br; br; 
                  submit: 'Hit me'.
	b endForm.