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MCMcmUpdater default doUpdateUpTo: versionNumber
Last updated at 2:04 pm UTC on 14 January 2019
The class comment of MCMcmUpdater

MCMcmUpdater provides utility methods for updating Monticello packages from Monticello configurations.

When Monticello configurations are stored in a repository (or repositories), MCMcmUpdater acts as an update stream. It first ensures that each configuration map has been loaded in sequence, then updates the last configuration map to the most recent version for each specified package, and finally loads these versions to produce a fully updated configuration.

Currently if a set of packages are unloaded from the image, using this class to reload them may cause problems, depending on what dependencies those classes have. Success is not assured. Removing packages via SmalltalkImage>>unloadAllKnownPackages will be successful, it flags the packages removed so that they are not loaded by this utility.

If you wish to not have MCMcmUpdater update packages, there are two ways to handle this:

1) To have MCMcmUpdater not update any packages not currently in the image set the UpdateMissingPackages preference to false:
MCMcmUpdater updateMissingPackages: false
Note that any new packages added to the repositories will not be picked up when this is turned off.
2) To have MCMcmUpdater not update a specific package, evaluate
MCMcmUpdater disableUpdatesOfPackage:

Class Variables definitions:

DefaultUpdateURL - String: the URL that will be checked by default for updates. This would be set for a common standard location to check.

Repository - A registry of known MCMcmUpdater instances identified by repository URL and update map name.

SkipPackages - Set of Strings: names of packages to not update in MCMcmUpdater (empty by default).

UpdateMissingPackages - Boolean: if true (default), new packages in the update config map will be loaded unless they are in SkipPackages. If false, packages not currently loaded in the image will not be loaded by MCMcmUpdater. (This can be dangerous if packages are split - use at your own risk).

Instance Variables:

updateMapName - Base name of the files used for this updater, typically a name such as 'update' or 'update.spur'.

repository - URL of the repository in which the update maps are located.

lastUpdateMap - Dictionary of Integer: version number of the last loaded update map per repository. Keeps track of the last configuration map, so that the utility will not have to run through the full history in the repositories each time you ask to update.