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Dynabook, user interface point of view
Last updated at 3:38 pm UTC on 12 January 2019
Copied from the introduction of Blog post by Hilaire Ferandez
URL: http://blog.drgeo.eu/post/2019/Dynabook-user-interface-point-of-view.

In our previous writings, we took the point of view of said innovative teaching approaches. It differs from the children's point of view historically taken by A. Kay. This provided us a set of general features, curriculum neutral, we may want for a teacher centered Dynabook; we summarize it in our "Dynabook and learning models, final words" writing.

Three features came out in several learning models:

The first one is linked to the human concept of writing and reading,
the last one relates to how to represent information: statically or dynamically.

They are related to the representation of knowledge and its transport both in space and time.

The fact that the representation of knowledge has to be transported in space and time suggests to adopt a DCI approach, in particular see
DCI domain model - DATA.