QotD    "To be or not to be" – Shakespeare
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isScarySelector: newbieSelector
Last updated at 4:41 pm UTC on 5 March 2019

add some more info about this ....

 Browser defineMessageFrom: aString notifying: aController

 (self metaClassIndicated
		and: [(selectedClassOrMetaClass includesSelector: selector) not
		and: [Metaclass isScarySelector: selector]])
		ifTrue: ["A frist-time definition overlaps the protocol of Metaclasses"
				(self confirm: ((selector , ' is used in the existing class system.
 Overriding it could cause serious problems.
 Is this really what you want to do?') asText makeBoldFrom: 1 to: selector size))
				ifFalse: [^nil]].