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Last updated at 10:05 pm UTC on 8 May 2017


Celeste is a mail reading and organizing program. The name "Celeste" is a reference to an earlier mail reader named "Babar", which was written at Xerox PARC by Steve Putz and John Maloney.

Nowadays, Celeste is maintained by Giovanni Giorgi. You can find released versions on SqueakMap and development versions on SqueakSource.

Quick Trial

Celeste is included in the standard Squeak image, and can be opened by choosing "open" "email reader" from the world menu. To download a sample group of messages, use the green-button menu on the top left list pane, select "fetch mail", and answer the questions that are asked. No messages will be deleted from your server–the messages will simply be downloaded so that you may play with Celeste using real messages.

Celeste Overview

Here is the main Celeste Window. (Your email will of course be different):
Uploaded Image: celeste.gif

Note the main features of this window:

Sending Mail

Click on the "new" button, or the "reply" button and you will get another window:
Uploaded Image: celesteComp.gif

(continue with an example.... Perhaps we should try and get ahold of the sample instructions for Babar??)

Common Problems

Celeste Development

Celeste is under active development. One newer version of the system is Filtering Celeste, now included in the standard Celeste package.

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