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IRC Client
Last updated at 10:42 pm UTC on 24 May 2007
There is a new IRC (Internet Relay Chat) client IRCe which combines the old IRC client with the Enhanced IRC client written by Steve Wessels. No IRC client is included in the base image as of 3.7. You must download the IRCe client from SqueakMap.

See also: IRC Portal

Some general notes on using the old IRC client/enhanced client:

  1. The channel list starts empty, so you must hit "Update List" to refresh it the first time you open it. A fix for this would be great...
  2. On irc.freenode.net, and perhaps other places, very small channels don't end up in the list. You can still connect to them by hitting "create channel" and typing in the channel name – this will connect you to the existing channel instead of creating a new one. Again, a fix would be terrific....

From: Steve Gilbert
Subject: Re: Multi-column lists in Squeak
Date: Thu, 07 Mar 2002

Hannes Hirzel wrote:
> Are there any end-user instructions?

Yes, just look at the text at the front of the changeset. Several of us have been helping Stephan debug and enhance this IRC client in the "#squeak" channel.

Also the latest version is at:


- I have edited it to point to the proper page containing my Squeak enhancements (including the enhanced IRC). Also, I think Bijan Parsia did some work with what I have published. But I'm unsure what the status of that might be. 8/24/2002 - Stephan B. Wessels