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Emergency Evaluator
Last updated at 1:27 pm UTC on 16 January 2006
How do I use the emergency evaluator in case of a severe error condition? Karl Ramberg

Check out Transcripter>>readEvalPrint.

Some handy possibilities

Project current exitgets me out of a potentiall corrupt project/world
ScreenController new fullScreenOffgives access to the Mac menu bar again


Utilities revertLastMethodSubmissionreverts the last method changed to the previous version

Utilities revert
   self revertLastMethodSubmission
Smalltalk at: #U put: Utilities

Fished from the mailing list by Andreas Kuckartz

Question: If I have messed up Morphic somewhat, is there an emergency key combination I could use to escape to an emergency evaluator? -mikevdg

See also What to do if Squeak crashes or freezes.