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Celeste MIME handling
Last updated at 7:26 pm UTC on 4 July 2004
MIME handling in Celeste is a hack, actually, a cross of hacks.

MIMEDocument, MailMessage and MIMEPart are three object that hold MIME content in Celeste with a lot of overlap in function, none being complete.

(Someone should document this, instead of just complaining about it. Actually, I don't think it's too bad! Unfortunately, I am one of the ones who should probably document it, but that's not going to happen real soon. -Lex Spoon)

MIMEDocument is actually used in contexts other than Celeste, such as Scamper.

Common MIME actions (adding an attachment to a part, getting tha value of a parameter, decyphering what sort of info is held inside this MIME compliant string) are handled by the gui code of clients such as CelesteComposition (when I remember I commited this sin, I feel like crying... well almost).

(For example, this is no longer true – MailMessage (I think it is) has methods for adding parts and the like. -Lex)

Urgently needed - a generic, smart MIME object that can work bidirectionally. This means that it can be either
  1. text-based, and just a parsed representation of it, or
  2. value-based, and able to create a legal and legible representation of its values.