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Image segments examples
Last updated at 1:42 pm UTC on 16 January 2006
External Image

The Future of Squeak, 1999s can be saved as image segments (file extension .pr).
To run them in your own image you need:

- a Squeak 2.9alpha image with the latest changes
(some may work with a 2.8 alpha image)
- 1024x768 screen resolution, set Squeak to full screen mode
- open a workspace in a new morphic project

Evaluate the following lines to download the projects:

Project thumbnailFromUrl: 'http://software.freepage.de/cronos/squeak/Projects/SqueakPlatforms.pr'

"I think Squeak runs on more platforms than Java"

Project thumbnailFromUrl: 'http://software.freepage.de/cronos/squeak/Projects/SqueakBooks.pr'.

"Contains a book with a general overview on Squeak"

Project thumbnailFromUrl: 'http://software.freepage.de/cronos/squeak/Projects/SqueakFFI.pr'

"Windows only - showing FFI (Foreign Function Interface) capabilities"

Project thumbnailFromUrl: 'http://software.freepage.de/cronos/squeak/Projects/FinalFrontier.pr'.

"The final frontier segment from Andreas Raab with an additional background"

Project thumbnailFromUrl: 'http://software.freepage.de/cronos/squeak/Projects/SqueakGames.pr'.

"The games you will find inside of Squeak"

Project thumbnailFromUrl: 'http://software.freepage.de/cronos/squeak/Projects/SqueakGraphic.pr'.

"Shows what you can do with graphics in squeak"

Project thumbnailFromUrl: 'http://software.freepage.de/cronos/squeak/Projects/SqueakPooh.pr'.

"The Teddy implementation (Squeak Pooh)"

Project thumbnailFromUrl: 'http://software.freepage.de/cronos/squeak/Projects/SqueakShockwave.pr'

"Squeak Shockwave integration"

Project thumbnailFromUrl: 'http://software.freepage.de/cronos/squeak/Projects/SqueakMusic.pr'

"Sound's awfull after loading, change the instruments and it will work"

Project thumbnailFromUrl: 'http://software.freepage.de/cronos/squeak/Projects/ActiveTextures.pr'.

"Shows reactive 3D textures in Squeak"

I will provide some more as soon as I have time.
The last one seems to have some problems. Everything is for beta testers only !!!

Torsten Bergmann (Torsten.Bergmann@phaidros.com)

With 3.1, I had to use
Project fromUrl
. It seems that
has moved to

Jeff Sparkes