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Last updated at 10:10 am UTC on 7 November 2006

Latest version of OpenGL for Squeak is found on http://www.squeaksource.com.
Under projects, type "opengl", it finds the "hedgehog" project, in there go to "versions", it lists those matching "opengl" :)

Howard Stearns Oct 14, 2006
To explore OpenGL, be advised:

"Be sure that your graphics card is OpenGL 1.3 or higher compliant
AND that you have appropriate OpenGL hardware drivers installed.
Windows users should be aware that upgrading your DirectX versions
through Microsoft's web site often overwrites existing hardware
OpenGL drivers with software OpenGL->DirectX wrappers (killing
performance, if not compatibility). The fix is to re-install the
video card manufacturer's drivers after any DirectX install procedure."

The above is from the Croquet downloads page. There has been
discussion of driver issues on the Croquet mailing lists and wikis...

Alexander Lazarević Oct 14, 2006

When I played with OpenGL in Squeak (3.7) I used


to load in a vanilla 3.7 image to be able to load the OpenGLApi
afterwards. I don't know how much has changed in 3.9, but it may be
worth a try to load this into a 3.9 image and get the current OpenGL Api
from CroquetSource after that?


Bert Freudenberg schrieb:
> Am 14.10.2006 um 00:55 schrieb Andreas Raab:
>> Diego Fernandez wrote:
>>> Anyway, I'm trying to load OpenGL-ar.36.mcz in Squeak 3.9 but I get:
>>> Syntax Error:
>>> glBindBufferARB(target, buffer)
>>> "This method was generated by OGLExtManager"
>>> apicall: void 'glBindBufferARB' (long ulong)>
>>> Any clue on how to solve this error? (It looks that it's created with
>>> a "special" compiler)
>> Install the FFI from SqueakMap.
> Ah, no, that's the positional arg syntax extension ... it lets you write
> a Smalltalk method named "glBindBufferARB(target, buffer)", which
> becomes the symbol #'glBindBufferARB()/2'.
> Each of these methods is installed twice, the other in this case is
> #glBindBufferARB:with:.
> Hmm, might be easier to download croquet, delete these methods, and
> fileout the rest.
> - Bert -

Alexander Lazarević Nov 3, 2006
A short description I once wrote at that time about
PositionalArgs and the OpenGLApi.

Note that starting with Squeak 3.1, an OpenGL-supporting VM is available for Windows. See Download for Windows.

Older info:

Allows you to call OpenGL from Squeak using FFI

For download and explanation, go to: http://www.cosmocows.com/OpenGL

Version 0.1 obsolete
Current version: 0.2 (currently Windows only)

Version 0.2 is an extension and refactoring of 0.1 and doesn't require a DLL anymore.

This version includes a wee car racing game (a la Grand Theft Auto ;-)

External ImageExternal Image
Screenshots from OpenGL 3D viewer in Squeak

External ImageExternal Image
Screenshots from CCTeamRally game in Squeak