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Last updated at 2:13 pm UTC on 22 March 2019
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SystemWindow is a frequently used class in Morphic. It is a subclass of MorphicModel.

A SystemWindow implements a window that can contain other morphs, typically Pluggable<whatever>Morphs.
However every Morph object understands the message openInWindowLabeled: .

  ((Morph new extent: 480@320; color: Color white) 
         addMorph: 'my string' asMorph
  openInWindowLabeled: '480x320 (HVGA) resolution'

System subclass PluggableSystemWindow.

PluggableSystemWindow examples

see also PasteUpMorph which is also a subclass of BorderedMorph

How to change system window's appearance

See UserInterfaceTheme

Also see