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MethodWrappers for Squeak
Last updated at 2:13 pm UTC on 16 January 2006
Robert Hirschfeld (hirschfeld@acm.org) wrote

Here is a port of John Brant's MethodWrappers.
It is based on his version for VisualWorks 3.0 (1999-04-17).

[Squeak3.0, latest update: #3552]

[Squeak3.1alpha, latest update: #4081]

The only difference between the versions for 3.0 and 3.1alpha is
in the use of WeakIdentityKeyDictionary from 3.1alpha.

More detailed information about MethodWrappers can be found at the
MethodWrappers home page:
or from the paper 'Wrappers to the Rescue' by John Brant, Brian Foote,
Ralph Johnson, and Don Roberts:

I haven't used this port that much myself since I took a subset
of it to do something else, but I thought that MethodWrappers in
general might be of interest to some of us.

I almost forgot:

WARNING! Incorrectly using the MethodWrappers port may result in
an inconsistent image that can't be trusted anymore. Therefore,
before experimenting with the MethodWrappers port, please save
and backup your image.


"PS:" Thanks to Dan for helping with the class format tweak
(MwMethodWrapper>>tweakClassFormat) to make subclassing
of CompiledMethod work.