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Game, Trailblazer:
Last updated at 2:20 pm UTC on 16 January 2006
Here is the tentative helpText I have written for my application. It will give the reader an idea about what kind of application I am trying to build.

'Trailblazer the game is a simulation of the economics of Space Exploration. Trailblazers the program is an application designed to automate some of the more arduous tasks of administration for the game of same name. When the players determine that they have discovered a planet, Trailblazers will determine the class of the planet, what kind of goods it produces and consumes, and the price multiples and demand modifiers for each good. This saves the player considerable administration time and allows for more exploration and trading (i.e., gaming).

To determine the nature of the planet discovered, click on the Define Planet button, and the rest is automatic. All necessary information will appear in the window.


Game, Trailblazer: Building the User Interface

Q: I want to build a user-interface. I have borrowed objects for helpText (from SameGame) etc., and I thought I might start with the buildButton method from SameGame and modify it according to my needs. If I want to re-use other code, where should/could I start?

R: One suggestion would be to

Game, Trailblazer: Printing 'Hello World' in a Window
Q: How can I get Squeak to create a window (not the transcript) and print 'Hello World' in it? Ultimately, I would like to have Squeak create a window that changes in size to meet the requirements of the length of the string.
A: StringHolder new contents: 'Hello, world'; openLabel: 'not the transcript'.

Game, Trailblazer: Creating Random Values
Q: I want Squeak to pick a random number between 1 and 6. Then I want it to find a corresponding string from a list of 6 strings, and then print the corresponding string in the transcript or a window. How could I do this?
A: Transcript show: #('alpha' 'beta' 'gamma' 'delta') atRandom.

Game, Trailblazer: Displaying Random Values in a Window
Q: How can I combine the above two processes so that my randomly selected string appears in my new window?
StringHolder new
contents:#('alpha' 'beta' 'gamma' 'delta') atRandom;
openLabel: 'Your Window'