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Last updated at 12:00 pm UTC on 18 September 2019
After you create a InternalThreadNavigationMorph with
 InternalThreadNavigationMorph new openInHand
or by getting it from the Objects flap (category multimedia) you can navigate through all your projects.

The menu you get when you click on the middle dot allows you to edit the thread. It gives you a project sorter.

You then can rearrange the thumbnail representations of the projects.

With this feature you can use Squeak as presentation software.


Question: How do I create a new thread?



How do I create a new InternalThreadNavigationMorph with a thread with a script?

Additional instructions

by Alan Kay in a message to the mailing list: (18 July 2001)

And if you do what Marcus suggests in the opposite order (bring up thread of all projects before selecting "create a new thread") the new thread will lie on top of the all projects sorter to make it easy to select projects.

Several other features and wrinkles:

If you find the EventRecorderMorph then you will have a way to record both your gestures and your voice over. You can get a demo button from this to put in each project so you can put an entire lecture with demos on a server. (But speech files are still pretty large –you might be better with just the gesture demos plus a text of your remarks put in a flap.)

Bob Arning did the nifty ITN and Dan Ingalls did the InternalThreadNavigationMorph.