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Julia Explorer
Last updated at 2:26 pm UTC on 16 January 2006

Julia Explorer: A Tool for Visualizing Julia Sets

Julia Explorer is a small tool by Lex Spoon that sketches the Julia Set associated with any specified point in the Cartesian plane. It is an improvement over many fractal exploration programs because the point is selected visually instead of with decimal numbers. Here's what the tool looks like:

Uploaded Image: ss.png

Interaction is simple. The blue dot corresponds to the Julia Set's parameter point. Click in a new location to move the dot. The tool has a tradeoff of speed versus image quality; one can click on the "NumPoints" text to play with this tradeoff.

Julia Explorer is available for Linux/x86, Wintel, and (at one time) MacOS:

Julia Explorer is written in Squeak. Fellow Squeak hackers may be interested in:

Julia Explorer has more info on how this was done, for those interested in distributing their own Squeak programs.