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Distribution Scripts
Last updated at 2:12 pm UTC on 15 December 2006
mergeMe into FAQ: Distributing Squeak Programs

It's not too hard to put together distributions of Squeak programs, but the details are different on different platforms. This page will hopefully be a place to accumulate some of the odds and ends needed to build distributions for each platform.

The current directory setup is like this:

With the directory set up like this, type "build julexp" and distributions will appear in the "build" subdirectory.

There is nothing sacred in this setup. It's just something Lex Spoon put together one day to play around with Squeak distributions. You can see some of the results at Julia Explorer.

Feel free to improve these scripts or to add new ones. It should be really easy to set this up to compile Mac distrutions, for example.

Why not use Squeak??

Isn't a pile of Unix scripts out of place on the Squeak swiki? Well, kinda. Although, "Unix" scripts actually can be run without too much trouble on just about any platform.

It would indeed be much nicer to use Squeak to build the programs. If I'm not mistaken, Squeak even supports tar, gz, and zip files nowadays. Well, well, well....

Actually, it's a great idea. Go for it, it would be great!