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The Squeak Foundation Partial Mirror
Last updated at 2:27 pm UTC on 16 January 2006

In this page you will find a portion of the Squeak Foundation Swiki, ie the last Squeak World Tour release! Introducing then, SWT 0.6. It has numerous improvements of all kinds. The presentation I had worked on is now locked at the Squeak Foundation Swiki, so I will just post the files here.

Remember, you will need a VM, preferably a 3.1 one.

You have two downloading options.

If you choose the rar files, you will need the Rar compressor from http://www.rarsoft.com. It's shareware, compresses very well, and it runs in all major platforms where Squeak runs.

swt06.r00 1.0 Mb 27 August 2001
swt06.r01 1.0 Mb 27 August 2001
swt06.r02 1.0 Mb 27 August 2001
swt06.r03 1.0 Mb 27 August 2001
swt06.r04 329 kb 27 August 2001
swt06.rar 1.0 Mb 27 August 2001

swt06.zip 7.0 Mb 27 August 2001

Or go to the uploads page to download the latest release of the Squeak World Tour.

Incidentally, some people have been having trouble with SWT 0.6 because exceptions seem to be broken. I have uploaded the VM I used to release SWT 0.6, and all tests should pass. The VM version is "Squeak 3.1 VM (alpha build 1) February 28 2001". The Win32 version of that VM is here: vm31a1.zip (the .rar file was about 10% (20k) smaller).

Enjoy, and take care.
Andres Valloud.