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Active Essays on computer music
Last updated at 7:29 am UTC on 26 October 2017
As of 2017: All Links but one (local image and changes file) are dead.
However the main part, the active essay on computer music may be downloaded and viewed with a Squeak setup from 2004 or later.

http://squeak.org/downloads/, use Squeak 3.8.1 or 3.9.1.

Import of exported pr files is possible into Squeak 6.0a trunk image as they use the 6502 format. But there are font issues.

January 2006


Mark Guzdial taught a class Fall 2001 on "Computer Music Implementation" where he created a sequence of Active Essays on computer music on sound synthesis and on how Squeak's sound classes work.

You can find the class Swiki at http://swiki.cc.gatech.edu:8080/compMusic (not found)

The active essays can be found at:

The file music-essays.sit on this wiki is a stuffit archive. Use

  unar music-essays.sit

on Linux to get

  nuMusic.image  (22855584 B)... OK.
  nuMusic.changes  (7122373 B)... OK.