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Last updated at 3:24 am UTC on 20 September 2019
DrGeo is a software to design & manipulate interactive geometric sketches.
It helps kids to explore geometry.

Users guide

DrGeo in Squeak


Tested on 02-Sep-2019, Squeak-5.2, NOT WORKING – [NMI]

Dr. Geo, Geometry application, release 1806

The June 2018 release uses Pharo 7 and Morphic. Earlier releases are available for Squeak.


Dr.Geo Smalltalk sketches (DSS) are sketches of geometric constructions entirely defined in the Smalltalk language.

The position of geometric objects and the constraints are defined by Smalltalk code.

This may be considered a DSL.

Thus a Smalltalk sketch is free from the constraints of a graphic user interface while reinforced by the Smalltalk language.

DrGeo Domain Specific Language

An empty sketch is created with

 canvas := DrGeoCanvas new

Then messages are sent to the canvas to add geometric objects.
The objects may be modified by sending messages to them.

DrGeo Object Model

Class hierarchy

DrGeo in the web archive