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Last updated at 2:34 pm UTC on 16 January 2006
Note: The Modules system defined on this page (and incorporated in 3.3alpha) is no longer part of the mainline Squeak release. See Modules Discussion at OOPSLA 2002 and Squeak Central for more details.

This is the place for growing documentation and everything else related to the Modules/Repositories/Packages system being added to Squeak 3.3alpha. (Modules 2001-09-26) Like everything else, if you miss something here then create it!

Latest code for Modules
Experimental code for Modules
(Squeak 3.3alpha can be downloaded from the 3.3alpha directory of any of the Squeak FTP Mirrors.)

Mailing list

There is a group of Squeakers actively working on the modules code and using a separate, temporary mailing list for these discussions. Visit http://lists.advantive.com/listinfo/sqmodules to view the list archives or join the list.

Module documentation

Modules: progress made so far This is a list of things that have been done and that are working.

Brief intro to Modules and DeltaModules (discontinued) written by Göran Hultgren.

Module paths + creating and accessing modules in code
The Virtual module hierarchy Places for your modules.
Choosing locations for your modules

How to declare module dependencies
How to reference names defined in other modules
Module name scoping rules

Class Extensions

A simple Module example
Useful module code snippets

Modules FAQ

Storing and installing modules

Storing modular code using module repositories
Unloading modules
Installing modules from repositories
Graphical user interface
How do I get an account at the central module repository?

Modularizing the image

A guide to modularizing the image
Progress report and to-do list for modularizing the image
How to modularize a piece of the base image
The hard part of refactoring
A proposed modular image architecture This gives one rationale for how the image should be refactored. Use this as the guide for your refactoring effort.
Naming conventions for the module analysis methods
Useful module code snippets
Making a module of Celeste - an incomplete example


Question: How do Environments fit into this picture?

The ongoing development of the module system

Modules: progress made so far –Things that are already working and ready to be used.
Modules: What to do next –This is the list of priorities and things to do. If you think there are improvements needed, this is where you describe them and sign up to do the job!

Older pages from the initial development of the modules code (fall 2001):

Modules: Design Principles

DeltaModules (discontinued)

Update in a world of modules


Preserving simple hacking
Weak vs. strong modules
Integrating Modules with Projects
Removing pools
Handling conflicting definitions
What about conflicts between modules?

Refactoring the image

A proposed modular image architecture
Discussion of the chosen structure

The Virtual Module Hierarchy

Rationale for the Virtual Module Hierarchy

Better Living through Modules

Demos of the benefits Modules bring us.


Repositories discussion
Module Files discussion
Every module separately?

Un/load and un/install

Ensuring consistent state during loading/installation

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Oasis wiki
A concise description of ModSqueak/Ginsu
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