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Jaime Silvela
Last updated at 2:42 pm UTC on 16 January 2006
I'm a Squeak beginner from Madrid, Spain. I started at it on September 2001. It's my first experience with Smalltalk, but I already know Scheme, C and Java.

So far, I've posted the Snake game on this Swiki. I like Squeak a lot and am interested in porting my programs for other languages to it. I'm now trying to figure how to use Squeak to write graphics and image processing routines.

I have a homepage and email.

Thank you for joining! Where did you post the Snake game?
I would be interested if you could look into writing PNG. There is one link to the specification and one to a Java program which writes PNG. Translating and/ or rewriting that Java implementation could be a good learning exercise while at the same time be a very valuable contribution to the Squeak community.

Hannes Hirzel

You can find the game in All Projects by clicking on the Games link or directly here. About the PNG writer, it's a great idea, I'll try it when I get some time. (soon, I hope)