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Read Dan Ingall's announcement for version 2.5
Last updated at 2:44 pm UTC on 16 January 2006
Date: Wed, 11 Aug 1999 12:42:18 -0500
To: squeak@cs.uiuc.edu
From: Dan Ingalls
Subject: Squeak 2.5 Available
Resent-From: squeak@cs.uiuc.edu
Reply-To: squeak@cs.uiuc.edu
X-Mailing-List: archive/latest/10065
X-Loop: squeak@cs.uiuc.edu
Resent-Sender: squeak-request@cs.uiuc.edu

Folks -

Just to let you know, we have had a Squeak 2.5 image ready to go since Sunday.

We have run into snafus that are temporarily preventing storage of the release to either UIUC or SQUEAK.ORG. Hopefully we'll have these handled in a day or so, at which time I'll put out an official announcement. In the future we will have a bit of redundancy in this process. Thanks for your patience.

- Dan