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Read Dan Ingall's announcement for version 2.6
Last updated at 2:44 pm UTC on 16 January 2006
Date: Sat, 16 Oct 1999 22:14:09 -0800
To: squeak@cs.uiuc.edu
From: Dan Ingalls
Subject: Squeak 2.6 Available
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Reply-To: squeak@cs.uiuc.edu
X-Mailing-List: archive/latest/11485
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Folks -

I have just wrapped up Squeak 2.6 as a Mac self-extracting archive on the UIUC server in the Squeak/2.6 directory, named


This includes
Squeak VM 2.6 PPC
Squeak VM 2.6 68K
Squeak3D plugin for PPC
SoundCodecPrims plugin for PPC

I have also stored uncompressed image, changes and readMe.txt files for the convenience of those making up similar packages for other platforms. These should be removed when the other compressed packages are installed.

As always, make sure to transfer the image AND changes as raw binary files and, if you unstuff any Squeak archive, make sure the preferences of your extraction utility specify no conversion of text files.

I don't have time to detail the major new features in 2.6 right now, but it's a good one, with many enhancements and fixes from all of you.

Take a bow ;-).

- Dan (for Squeak Central)

PS, Test Pilots: Since by nature you will be bored as soon as you get 2.6, you can execute...
EToySystem eToyVersion: 'Squeak2.7alpha' date: Date today
and prepare to encounter more stimulating turbulence with your next update.