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Read Dan Ingalls' announcement for version 3.2
Last updated at 2:45 pm UTC on 16 January 2006
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From: Dan Ingalls
Subject: [updates] 6 for 3.2alpha
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Date: Wed, 3 Oct 2001 16:34:24 -0700

Folks -

Well it's business as usual again on 3.2 alpha, and the latest preambles are listed below.

About 3.1beta...
I have set up a very simple mechanism for easing 3.1 into stability if we follow a couple of guidelines. I would like it if some affinity group would form around the notion of a stable 3.1 release. They can then flag various 3.2alpha updates as being candidates for 3.1beta. These should be only those that will make the system MORE STABLE. I will then accept a list of numbers (being the numbers of such updates), and issue exactly those updates into the 3.1beta stream. The stable release crew can then test again, fix bugs, etc., until we think were stable. Then I will go through the usual process of cleaning up changeSets, changes files, etc, and we'll have a release.

- Dan
4412FixFirstUpdate-di – Dan Ingalls – 3 October 2001
Fixes a problem with issuing the first update for a new version. The old convention used the max of the numbers for this version which was ill-defined for new versions (had worked in the past by using the max update in the image, but this is no longer done).
Introduces a new convention for numbering of updates which is to use one more than the max in the entire index. This will continue to be used until we go to one index per version.

4413DoubleClickTimeout-jcg – Joshua Gargus – 28 September 2001
Update: 4398
Adds double-click timeout to EventHandler, and changes the sole place in the image that cares (PlayingCardMorph) to use the new scheme. This seems more uniform than the previous approach.
Also refactors MouseClickState a bit in order to make it easier to change how the various click events are dispatched."

4414haloNameEdit-sw – Scott Wallace – 3 October 2001
When various gestures are made to a halo, any name-edits currently underway in the halo now get submitted, thus fixing quite a few long-standing bugs/annoyances that could peek out under such conditions.
Also fixes the bug in update 4369 which had made the collapse handle not show after the drop of a morph being dragged via the black handle.."

4415playerPhraseType-sw – Scott Wallace – 2 October 2001
For classic tiles, makes the result-type of commands not be #Player, so that player-valued tiles no longer will accept drops of them, to avoid the easy construction of undesirable statements such as
car forward by 5 turn by 5

4416NotifyFixes-hg – Henrik Gedenryd – 3 October 2001
A change to Morphic's pre-debug window in 2.9a caused Notifier messages to no longer be displayed at all. Fixed here. Also changes notify: messages to invoke the Warning exception to invoke notifiers, so these can be caught and handled. "

4417setNatLangFix-sw – Scott Wallace – 3 October 2001
A fix repeated here for the benefit of earlier adopters of update 4353, into which this method was recently patched"