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Last updated at 4:38 pm UTC on 21 October 2006
Lamneth is a chess program (actually more an experiment!) that I started a few months ago. It started in VisualWorks 2.5 but
was ported to VisualAge 3.0a for Windows shortly after. Then, the arrival of Squeak made me change my mind once again!

Lamneth will consist of a very primitive position evaluator with an alpha-beta search but it will support "standard" search
extensions such as Zobrist-Carlson hashing, killer moves, recapture evaluator, iterative deepening, aspiration search, null-move,
check evasions, quiescense search, time manager, etc.

Actually, no plan is made to support Nalimov's chess endings tablebases even though that would be pretty cool!

Even though my goal is to make Lamneth play decent chess first, I plan to implement automatic playing as soon as possible to
make the program play on FICS (Free Internet Chess Server). Actually, no optimization (Yes, speed is VERY important in
chess programs!) has been made yet but phase one of this long term (part time!) project is to make it play!

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