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Last updated at 9:14 am UTC on 11 May 2017
An individual preference which can be turned on and off from the Preferences window. See Preferences for how to do this.

Projects may keep local project preferences.

Class comment

Represents a true/false flag that is under user control and which can be interrogated by a call to Preferences
	viewRegistry		the registry of the classes responsible for building my view
	name 			a symbol, the formal name of the preference.
	value			a boolean, the current value
	defaultValue		the default value of the preference
	helpString 		string or text, constituting the help message
	localToProject		boolean, whether each project holds its own version
	categoryList		list of categories under which to offer this
	changeInformee 	        whom, if anyone, to inform if the value changes:
	changeSelector 		what selector to send to the changeInformee when the value changes