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Last updated at 7:05 pm UTC on 14 July 2022
From the class comment:

A FileDirectory represents a folder or directory in the underlying platform's file system. It carries a fully-qualified path name for the directory it represents, and can enumerate the files and directories within that directory.

A FileDirectory can be thought of as a Dictionary whose keys are the local names of files in that directory, and whose values are directory "entries". Each entry is an array of five items:

The times are given in seconds, and can be converted to a time and date via Time>dateAndTimeFromSeconds:. See the comment in lookupEntry:... which provides primitive access to this information.

see also:

 aFileDirectory keysDo: [:key | ...]
 aFileDirectory fileEntries do: [:aDirectoryEntryFile | ...]

 dirName := '/home/he/Documents/pictures/'".
 aFileDirectory := FileDirectory on: dirName.
 modificationDate  := Date year: 2022 month: 5 day: 1.  
 recentlyModifiedFiles := aFileDirectory fileEntries select: [:aDirectoryEntryFile | aDirectoryEntryFile modificationDateAndTime >= modificationDate].

 | foo bar baz |
 foo := FileDirectory on: '/no/where/at/all'.
 bar := FileDirectory on: '/Users/eliot/Desktop/not there'.
 baz := FileDirectory default.
 [foo exists. bar exists. baz exists] bench '73,700 per second. 13.6 microseconds per run. 0.64 % GC time.'

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