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Code updates
Last updated at 9:25 pm UTC on 3 November 2006
As you may have read, Squeak includes a facility for automatically updating your system from the update stream on a remote server if you are connected to the Internet (hats off to Ted Kaehler who did all the hard work on this).

Whenever you wish, you may choose 'update code from server' from the 'help...' menu off of the world menu. You will see a progress bar, and at the end it will tell you how many updates you got. Alternatively, you can do it manually (in Squeak 3.8) by executing "Utilities updateFromServer".

Updates are like ordinary ChangeSet fileIns. Each one is numbered, and appears in the ChangeSorter window. You can look at what code came in.

An update changes your system. If it happens to include a method that you just modified, your version will be overwritten. If you think this happened, go to the method, and choose 'versions'.

We release new updates about every two weeks.

Generally, you will need to be using the latest Alpha version of Squeak in order to fetch these updates. See Squeak Versions. However, sometimes there will be a few updates available for a non-alpha version.

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