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Evaluation during Harvesting
Last updated at 4:35 pm UTC on 16 January 2006
Goals of the harvesting process

Note that as of the 3.9 alpha development period all bug, fixes, and enhancements are now submitted to the Mantis Server and all evaluations should be made there. Many of the guidelines below relate to the past when email was used for all communication and (obsolete) BFAV was used to manage reports. These guidelines can still be used as guidelines but can and should be adapted now that the process has changed.

Criteria that every submission must satisfy

Proposal 1: For core parts of the system, changes should be considered if it is either clearly non-disruptive (e.g. comment change, clear bug fix), or important. For more peripheral parts of the system (e.g. Blob morph, or IRC chat), the quality review need not be so detailed though clearly substandard code should be rejected.

Proposal 2: Keeping the system understandable and reliable should be one of the most important criteria. We should generally avoid adding kludges, unless it is clearly a short term work around

Questions to consider when harvesting: