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Last updated at 12:24 pm UTC on 14 January 2022
Note: the class HtmlDocument class is not available in Squeak 5.1 but it has been included again in 5.3. It was loaded with the Etoys code.

 HtmlEntity subclass: #HtmlDocument
 	instanceVariableNames: ''
 	classVariableNames: ''
 	poolDictionaries: ''
 	category: 'Etoys-Squeakland-Network-HTML-Parser Entities'

An HtmlDocument object represents an object tree of a HTML document. It is created by the class HtmlParser.
It can not be used directly to construct a HTML document.

An HtmlDocument object has two sub-entities: a HtmlHead object and a HtmlBody object.

Query example

To get all anchors a document contains, create the following method:


| a |

a := Set new.
self allSubentitiesDo: [ :e | e class == HtmlAnchor
ifTrue: [a add: e]].

As mentioned above a direct construction of a HtmlDocument is not possible. Workaround:

 h := HtmlDocument emptyDocument.
 h addToBody: (HtmlParser parse: '<h1>The main title</h1>').
 h formattedText

There is a need for a package to construct HTML documents by code, not just reading them.
Reference to such a package?
Maybe HVHtmlBuilder?
Probably rather ZnHtmlOutputStream from the Zinc package.